IPC Class 3 – Diary love-o-meter with lock combination

This is a private love-o-meter, for when you want to your love to be secret for the moment. First you need to unlock the love-o-meter, like you might with a locked diary. Then you can express your love for something. And finally, you could potentially save your secret love messages, to be locked away for no one else to see.


See below for me trying to unlock the love diary’s combination of three buttons so that I can use the knob. And then I use the knob to turn up or down the LED to express how much I love…. coffee? Chocolate? Riding my bike?

giphy love o meter diary lock.gif

My secret recordings of how much I love something, shown in the serial monitor. (Actually, I don’t know how to save these “messages” for later, but I’m sure you can.)

giphy serial monitor of potentiometer and led