Class 3 Sketch

I wanted to try several of the concepts we learned this week. To do so, I built a living room to create a few pieces that are interactive, including a lamp, picture frame, and table. However, some are working right now, others not yet! Looking forward to learning more.

Ideally, the lamp changes color, the picture frame turns “on” to show Kellee’s colorful dots, and the table shows an algorithmic design when you click on the “glass” on top of the table.

Here it is so far:



What I did learn:

How to build a slider that changes the color of a lampshade in different colors.

Got faster at using the mousePressed and mouseReleased functions.

Got faster at building buttons that turns things on and off.

How to organize my code even when it gets long.

How helpful resident office hours are.


What I got close to figuring out.

How to confine behaviors to a certain space within the canvas. For example, I really want the table cloth to turn on with a pattern when you click on the “glass”. I also want to add Kelle’s circle pattern to the inside of the picture frame when you click the switch next to it.

I know how to confirm Kellee’s circle pattern, shown here.

But for some reason the code doesn’t work well in my sketch? Not sure why yet.