Class 3 Video and Sound: Promotional Ad for the Spookify Mirror (or TBD Name)

Maria Shin, Kellee Massey and myself will be making a promotional ad for the Spookify Mirror.

Here is our synopsis, written by Kellee, and created by all three of us:

In a world, where everyday is Halloween, one girl tries to find the perfect costume for the Most Important Halloween of All.  Two days before the important day, our character still can’t seem to settle on a suitable costume.  Surrounded by classmates who confidently already have their costumes set, she rushes home to look through her costumes once more. At her wit’s end, she uses her Spookify Mirror to plan her costume, making her the spookiest (and best dressed) at any celebration.

We will be using After Effects colored construction paper to create a basic interactive mirror within this video.

Here is our storyboard, drawn by all three of us!



Storyboard 3