Class 5 – Iterations on Sun Song Player

In the last week I’ve made progress with my Sun Song Player.  See below for updates on the physical enclosure and code. As a quick reminder, my Sun Song Player is meant to play a song when the sun is bright enough, while it’s pressed against your window. Perhaps it breaks up your routine to notice the afternoon is passing.


My physical enclosure has seen two iterations in the last week. My first enclosure is described over here in this blog post.  My second interation is below.

Two major characteristics are missing while I test my design… While it’s frustrating to not work on these, delaying them lets me prototype cheaply while I continue to learn new skills.

For example, I’m not yet using translucent yellow acrylic, which will make it more visually interesting.  But for now I’m saving money until I have the best design for the enclosure.

Additionally, I wish the enclosure had a more interesting outline. It’s a little bland as a perfect circle. Ultimately I want it to have the outline of the first etched line on the front. However, I wasn’t sure how to fabricate the side of the enclosure to follow the unevenness of the wavy circle. Which material?  I now have at least idea – I can make it out of stacked cut acrylic like this Pibow example.


Below you can see I’ve moved my control panel to the side of my second enclosure, instead of the front. I will update the sizing of this panel’s holes once I finalize the user experience, my code, and components.


Below you’ll see the inside and back. There is a hole for a suction cup, which is coming in the mail! With a suction cup, I can start testing its behavior while on a window.

I need a second hole for the light sensor from Adafruit. I’ll add that when I know what size shape to cut after testing how it works.

I also need to test different speakers for quality of sound. I’m taking recommendations. The piezo ups the cheese factor at the moment. I’d like to avoid that. It’s already a pretty bright and cheery!




My code is now much closer than it was before. Having not coded so rapidly before, I’m on a learning curve!  Shout out to Yang for helping me! Also thank you to Jia for letting me learn from her Christmas tree code.

While it takes an extra click to watch, you can see below that the song by the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” plays when you press a button.

However, you can see that the song doesn’t stop playing! I’m working on that…

I’ve started to test how to play three songs, which requires build VERY logical and tight code. I’m learning how to do that in ICM! I’m taking any advice.

The most challenging and important lesson so far is learning that buttons in DIY circuits behave much more differently and unexpectedly than in regular life. I’m using simple push buttons right now, which demonstrate that an internal switch opens and closes many times while you think you’re only pressing once.  With Yang’s help, I used several strategies to ignore this behavior, including the debounce, break commands, and pause commands.

Looking forward to working on this more.