Class 9 Intro to Physical Computing Midterm – “Making Meaning: By the Mouthful”

Here is the final iteration of my midterm project. This is a game that lets people create new words to fit meanings that don’t have words in the English language… yet.


The interaction so far:


To start playing, people can decide where they’d like to start. They can either:

  • Request a new word for a meaning they’ve always wished there was a word for.
  • Create a new word, record and spell it.
  • Define the meaning of a new word.
  • Vote on the top words and view the best ranked words.

Currently I’m focusing on designing for the second starting point of the game. To do so, people take apart a human mouth, and use a mouth, tongue and teeth in different combinations to unlock consonants and vowels. They can combine these syllables into words. There’s more to the game described in my last post.

For now, here are some more photos, the sketch online that you can play with, and my code.

The Enclosure



The Online Sketches

Below is a link to the latest code I’m working on. However, this only works if you have the mouth with you!

But here’s an example of the sketch you can play online without the mouth.


The code

Thanks to Leon, Chino and Jen!!