Intro to Computational Media – Update on Final Project “Meaning Maker”

I’ve decided to combine my Intro to Physical Computing and Intro to Computational Media final projects. I’ll save by “What’s Your Character” project for winter break or next semester! I’m disappointed to not work on it now, but want to focus on completing more of one project than a little less of two projects.

You can read more about my “Meaning Maker” project over here.  I’ll do as much of my larger idea as I can. At a minimum, I hope to complete the interaction of building words by using the mouth enclosure. I may have to save the “game” element of people interacting with each other through the interfaces for another time.

Here are my interaction diagrams, schematics, and interface designs.

I’m sure these will continue to change and I’ll update them with my final post.




A chart assigning phonemes to different interactions.

Phonemes Chart


My circuits as a schematic and illustrations.

Meaning Maker Circuit Illustrations and Schematics


My webpage design so far, created in Illustrator.

Webpage Design_Build A Word-01Webpage Design_Build A Word-02Webpage Design_Build A Word-03Webpage Design_Share a Meaning-01Webpage Design_New Meanings and Words-01