Approaches to Computational Narratives – First Assignment

Here is a link to my sketch that remixes the children’s book “Sylvester and the Magic Pebble”.

I’m interested to see how others divided story from discourse, as I found it challenging to do within Tracery! But I liked working in Tracery and the idea of dividing the two narrative components of story and discourse from each other.

My notes before writing up the code.

Sylvester (Fanny, Joanna, Roger)

donkey (chef, librarian, junior associate)

Oaksdale (D.C., Paris, New York City)

parents (peers, enemies, pool hall buddies)

father (restaurant owner, university dean, boss)

rocks (spices, rare books, watches)

pebble (saffron, Guttenberg Bible, Rolex)

magic (delicious cooking, irreplaceable value, stock market profits)

home (desert, river, office)

lion (food safety expert, budget cuts, greed)

badrock (soup pot, paperback mystery, jail time)

picnic (restaurant family meal, book club escapade, trip up the Hudson River)


Sylvester was a donkey who liked to collect rocks.

One day when on a walk he found a flaming red pebble in the shape of a marble.

It turned out to be magic.

The pebble could make any wish come true.

Sylvester started to take the pebble home.

But a lion crossed his way, and out of fright, Sylvester wished he was a rock.

Sylvester was stuck as a rock for a year, unable to hold the pebble and make another wish.

One day, his parents – who dearly missed him – went out for a picnic and sat on the rock. By coincidence, the father put the pebble on the rock.

Sylvester, out of desperation and not knowing whether it would work, wished to become Sylvester again.

It worked!

His parents locked the pebble in a safe. Because what else could they wish for, now that they had Sylvester back?





Sylvester and the Magic Pebble

Sylvester Duncan

Mother and Father

Acorn Road in Oaksdale

Collecting pebbles unusual shape and color

Rainy Saturday during vacation

Found flaming red, round, like a marble

Shiver from excitement, rain cold on back

“Wish it would stop raining”

To his surprise, it stopped!

Description of rain stopping

Never had a wish gratified so quickly

Magic must be at work

Magic must be in red pebble

To make a test, put pebble on ground. Wished. Nothing happened.

But if he held it, the magic worked.

“What a lucky day, now I can have anything I want. Parents. Relatives. Friends. Anyone”

Wished sun back. Wished wart away.

Started home. Could hardly wait to see parents.

Maybe they woudn’t believe him

Crossing STrawberry Hill

Crossed a mean hungry lion

Frightened – so made a bad wish. Could have wished for many things. But panicked. Couldn’t think clearly.

Wished he’d be a rock. Lion came over, left confused.

“I saw that donkey! Maybe I’m going crazy”

And there was Sylvester, a rock. Unable to touch the pebble.

Would have to have someone wish while putting pebble on him as a rock.

Fell asleep. Saw stars.

Parents worried.

“Won’t ever scold him again” said mother.

Asked all neighbors, animals, children.

Went to police (pigs). Could not find child.

All dogs went searching.

Even smelled rock, but smelled like a rock, not Sylvester.

A year passed.

Parents tried to be happy. But always reminded of Sylvester. No meaning in life.

Sylvester slept all the time. Endless sleep.

One day, a wolf sat on him and he howled.

Seasons passed. Spring came.

Parents went on a picnic. To try to live again and be happy.

They sat on the rock! Sylvester woke up. He wanted to shout, but couldn’t!

Set up picnic. Lots of great picnic items for donkeys.

Father saw pebble, said Sylvester would have liked it. Put on the rock.

Mother could feel Sylvester’s energy. But Sylvester couldn’t feel the pebble on his rock.

Sylvester wished out of desperation!

They embraced, questioned, answered, exclaimed.

Father put pebble in iron lock.

They might want to use it later, but now they had all they wanted.