Live Web – Say The Same Thing Game

Here is my chat assignment, which I turned into an online word game.



A player submits a word, and waits for the other player.


The other player’s word synchronously appears when they press submit. They are told they’ve used 1 out of 3 tries.


If they match, they get a few party emojis : )

How It Works

I used web sockets to synchronously send live updates to two players as they attempt to type the same word without communicating. This is based off the game some people call Say The Same Thing, in which you and a partner say random words at the same time until they become the same word.

The prototype includes two player HTML pages and a server.js file that runs functions to compare the two players answers. If the two players submit different words, they are told to try again. If they submit the same word, they win.

For the game to really work as it stands now, I need to be there to explain how it works and time people to respond within five seconds.

Future Updates

A future version can include a live countdown of remaining seconds to the players, and add sound for a more interactive experience. There also needs to be different CSS color choices for Player 1 and 2.


My system map and wireframes.