Temporary Expert – Update as of Oct 30

As you read below, you can click links to read my in-depth notes in my website of sorts in google drive.

This last week was very busy doing the seven day practice. It is a very effective strategy. I see it almost like performing lab experiments, with the ability to control for different aspects or introduce new variables as I went.

Arthava and Beverly building a system to capture energy from tides in the Rockaways. Energy would be plugged into the grid for homeowners to use.

My seven day practice involved facilitating interactions with one person or people in pairs. I now can see I moved from concept testing to prototype testing. This may have led to two possible outputs for my project:  a workshop template and an installation.

For concept testing, I showed people the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with a different physical or visual analogy each time.  I was testing how people responded to the goals, and if introducing a different analogy each time changed how they make decisions in my workshop activities. These felt like workshops that could possibly go fit into a classroom setting.

For prototype testing, I moved to more of an installation setting where people interact with what I’ve built but I am not necessarily there for every moment. I hope to do more of these. I’m trying to find out how people respond when I put my concepts into different forms, materials and epistemologies. This type of approach feels more like a pop-up installation or a more artistic installation at a UN event or local community affected by climate change.

Aletha interacting with a prototype that asks people to allocate energy between now and future generations.

When it came to user testing, I found myself unable to be so extroverted so many days in a row.  On the day I didn’t have a new visual analogies to test, I found a convenient excuse to skip testing with other people. This made me feel a bit bad but I did do a lot of research, which paid off with new visual or physical metaphors to pursue.

In response to my natural inclinations during Topic #1, I tried to put more effort into testing materials and visual analogies this week. In the end, I probably did more visual analogy and concept testing. But in my mind, this is the best order to go in? Once I settle on the concepts and visual analogies that people respond to, I can test different materials and epistemologies. This is me possibly putting of materials again, though.

I also filled out milestones and completed a significant chunk of research, including reading most of the relevant parts of the UN’s IPCC’s report and a bunch of other interesting articles. I followed up with scientists who worked on the UN climate change report and live in the US. I have a meeting with someone who worked on a new climate change installation at the American Museum of Natural History.