Temporary Expert – Update as of November 6

I did material research, and need to speak with people at ITP who have made their own bio-friendly materials. I’m open to suggestions.

I also contacted the U.N.’s teams that manage campaigns around the Sustainable Development Goals through several channels.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for almost an entire week, so I have loose ideas of an audience and poster.

I’m thinking the audience could be found at a public library. I’m looking to meet people who are already open to ideas, and with just a little push, they might think differently because of my project, which afterwards may lead to different actions. It seems I can find these people at a library?? I’ve also found success there already.

As for a poster, if I had lots of time, I could make a set out of bioplastics. I wonder how plant dye behaves as ink on bioplastic? Beyond the materiality, the message needs to communicate that the changes we need to make in 12 years are sobering but actually exciting.

One thought on “Temporary Expert – Update as of November 6”

  1. the poster – is it a simple how-to to get people excited? I have been thinking and talking a lot with my collaborators about how to generate hope without platitudes. Engaged hope is very exiting.

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