Temporary Expert – Update as of November 20

Overall my timeline hasn’t lined up as I hoped because I am only just recently able to speak with topic experts, but I am making progress!

I’ve been able to prototype with bioplastic. And I finally was able to interview two experts, including one of the co-authors on the United Nation’s climate report itself! Soon I will speak with more one expert, and be able to update the final form of my prototype and related ideas. I will also finally be able to work with mycelium, and possibly materials that remove carbon from the environment?

See below for more updates and links to my project documents.

Above you can see the bioplastic I made at home. If anyone wants to replicate this, you can find the ingredients and recipes in my documentation here.


I also started the process of growing mycelium. I’m not sure if this batch will work, since I bought it from someone who didn’t refrigerate it. I’ll be documenting my work here, too.


In good news, I was able to speak with two experts in the last week.

You can read more about my interviews with them here.