Artists in the Archive – Remix

Here is my remix of Jaekook’s tree project.

Despite many things gone awry in the demo (not a fan of CSS at the moment), it does demonstrate the main features of my concept: slowly fading images in conversation with each other, and the ability to submit a word that changes the images.

Below you can see an illustration of my concept. The title is: Design Prototype, Our Lives In Trees”, an outdoor installation by the Muir Woods National Monument and the Library of Congress (LOC).

See below for more description.

Illustration as described in blog post.

The installation aims to explore what trees represent to us, through comparison of photographs that also speak to the surrounding environment of the awe-inspiring Muir Woods National Monument. Perhaps the installation might also expose a strange contrast between how humans use trees in their own lives, and the incredibly critical role trees play without us in the history of the planet’s ecosystems.

Along the main walkway and entrance to the park, projection screens are installed. On each, two images are slowly fading in and out in an opposite pattern, according to my my demo. One image is of a tree from the Library of Congress’ collections, and the other is chosen based off a previous visitor’s word associated with trees, also taken from the LOC collections.

Dawn and Dusk installation, when the light is low and magical.

  1. Entrance to park: The main walkway is installed with projections that display two changing images, one of a tree, and another based off a word submitted by the previous visitor.
  2. At the end of the walkway: A kiosk is in place for visitors to submit their own word.
  3. The projection screen right next to the kiosk shows the visitors submission to themselves.
  4. Traveling Submissions: Images slowly move back down to the start of the pathway for visitors entering the park to see.